About Me

I started my first business at 13, selling corporate merchandise that was collecting dust at my father’s business. I thought there was a better way and I was right…

In the early ‘90s, my father had an automotive consumables company in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). He was keen to show me how the business works. As time went by, I was learning a lot and was happy to help in my free time. I started noticing that he was receiving a lot of promo materials from suppliers. He could only give a fraction to customers and partners. The rest were in storage until I had an idea. I thought they were saleable. Armed with a sample kit and a price list, I went to local shops. In a few months, I was making as much as a few people working full time. It was my first taste of entrepreneurship and fire lit which is burning in me to this day.

My Journey of Self-Discovery

I came to the UK in 1996 to study. I went to Gresham’s School, a boarding school in Norfolk, and then to London to study Computing at Imperial College. I dropped out after the second year because my family could no longer afford the expensive fees and living costs. A severe economic crisis was raging at the time in Eastern Europe and our business was suffering.

What really stunned me was the lack of compassion from the Imperial College staff. Their response to my hardship situation was that 30 people were on the waiting list ready to take my place. For a year, I worked long hours at a bar and as a security guard to earn some money and cover expenses. I tried to study at the same time, but it was too much and I had to end the suffering. I dropped out and went back home (and haven’t regretted it for a moment).

A few years later, I returned and completed a Business Economics degree at the University of Buckingham. It was a completely different and fun experience. Then I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, trying things and looking for my real purpose in life (without even realising it). Here are some of my highlights…

During my journey, I came to realise the harsh reality we face as a society today. Did I find my purpose and mission? I sure did.

Just Some Badges

I’m not big on titles and badges but people tell me they are important, so here they are.