About me

I started my first business when I was 13, selling corporate swag that collected dust at my father’s business. I thought there was a better way…

In the early ‘90s, my father had an early-stage automotive consumables business in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). He was keen to get me involved. As time went by, I was learning a lot and enjoyed it. I started noticing that he was receiving a lot of promo materials from suppliers. He could only give a tiny amount to customers and partners. The rest were in storage until I had an idea. I thought they were saleable. Armed with a sample kit, I went selling to local shops. In a few months, I was earning as much as a few people working full-time. It was my first taste of entrepreneurship and a fire lit that is burning in me to this day.

A journey of self-discovery

I came to the UK in 1996 to study. I went to Gresham’s School, a boarding school in Norfolk, where I excelled and graduated in the top 3 of my class. Then I went to London to study Computing at Imperial College. I dropped out after the second year because my family sadly could no longer afford the expensive fees and living costs. A severe economic crisis was raging at the time in Eastern Europe and our business was suffering.

A few years later, I returned and completed a Business Economics degree at the University of Buckingham. Then I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, trying things and looking for my purpose in life. Here are some of my highlights…

During my journey, I have faced a lot of rejection and learned from many failures. I also experienced the harsh reality we face as a society today. My mission has become clear.